We can think of many things that can be classified as ‘oldie but goldie’. An exquisite bottle of cellared wine, perhaps, or that rustic and charming bach where you spend your yearly summer vacations. A website, however, is certainly not one of them. Our team has been active in the web design Auckland scene for over twenty years and we are all too familiar with the dangers of not keeping up with the times. Here are 5 reasons why an outdated website design could be costing your business a fortune. 


1. Different devices, different needs.

Your decade old website design might have served its purpose well back when Kiwis accessed the Internet using only desktops. However, the rising popularity of connected mobile devices coupled with a steady decline in desktop usage signals a need for companies to cater to on-the-go consumers.

According to recent consumer research conducted by Nielsen New Zealand, about two-thirds of Kiwis regularly consume digital content via a smartphone. If your website cannot be properly viewed on mobile devices of varying screen sizes, you could be losing potential customers right now as you read this.

It is time to re-evaluate the effectiveness of your current website. Is the design responsive such that it adapts to different screen sizes? Is the content legible or does it spill over beyond the screen? Is it easy to navigate or does it take you on a tiki-tour? Has your website been optimised to load quickly on slower data connections?

These are just some of the preliminary questions you should be asking. If you would like a more comprehensive strategy for a website redesign, feel free to give us a bell. Our experienced web design Auckland team will set you on the right path towards a brand new website that generates business for you.

2. As web design trends change, so do consumers’ expectations.

Consumers today do not simply expect to find useful products and services online. Looks also matter a great deal. Modern consumers expect their favourite brands to be trendy because that would make them trendy by association.

It is important that your website design keeps up with the latest trends in the industry. An antiquated website design could hurt your business by scaring away trend-seeking consumers or worse yet, by unintentionally giving off the impression that your business is no longer active.

3. Irrelevant copy and outdated images can hurt your brand.

As your online presence grows, your brand has to evolve. If your website consists of the same copy and images from a decade ago, your brand runs the risk of becoming irrelevant and unable to relate to present day consumers. Your business will inevitably suffer if you fail to engage new customers.

To illustrate, New Zealand Inland Revenue’s What’s Tax website uses the example of buying an MP3 player to explain the concept of GST. It works for this purpose but you must admit that it hardly is the most relatable example. Those who had once bought an MP3 player have since moved on to iPhones and Spotify while their kids have no idea what an MP3 player even is.

Fortunately for the IRD, government institutions are not known (or expected) to be trendsetters when it comes to website design. We might shrug it off or joke about it as another instance of the government being slightly out of touch with reality.

Consumer brands, on the other hand, are not given such leeway. Having outdated copy on your website is equivalent to offering customer support only by snail mail, a quaint feature that might raise a chuckle or two from potential customers before they pass your brand over for the next email-friendly one.

4. Old school SEO practices can backfire and decrease your website’s ranking.

What makes SEO such a challenging and exciting industry is the fact that Google is constantly rolling out updates to its search engine algorithms. Old school SEO methods that were once tried-and-true may no longer be effective. In fact, your website could even be penalised for the continued use of some of these practices. If your website design has not had an overhaul in ages, it could actually be detrimental to your marketing efforts.

Not long ago, Google has decided to favour mobile-friendly websites by boosting their rankings in search results. This is further evidence as to why an outdated website can be dangerous for your business. Again, if your website design does not adapt to different devices, now is a great time to drop us a line!

Stuffing heaps of keywords on a web page is a classic SEO technique that now does more harm to your business than it does good. Search engines have become a lot more intelligent and are now capable of filtering out pages spammed with multiple keywords. Producing quality content is the way to go and if your business needs a boost in this department, Hart Design will work with you to gain more leads with results-driven SEO.

5. It can be difficult and costly to maintain an outdated website.

The costs of having a dated website could be hidden from plain sight. Similar to web design and SEO, web development is another industry that goes through rapid and radical changes on a periodic basis. If your website fails to abide by recent web standards or use the latest technologies, its performance could be undermined and its security compromised.

Newer web technologies help to streamline the development process and to ensure that websites run smoothly. Older websites can, therefore, feel clunky to use and it is not uncommon for them to break ever so often. This could become a real financial burden on your business due to the costs of repeatedly fixing the website on top of the loss of customers during downtime.

Furthermore, many of the tools used to build older websites are no longer supported. If left in place, they become vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit to hijack a website. Recovering a hacked website is a tedious and expensive process. Your brand could also take a hit if your customers come to believe that their data and privacy are not protected.

If you suspect that your website has become a dinosaur and that you might be incurring unnecessary costs due to any of the reasons above, get in touch with us. We are a web design Auckland agency and look forward to working with you on your next website design project!

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