Doing a Google Search to find your own website in the list of millions that Google ranks, can often lead to disappointing results. With so many websites out there, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. And without ongoing effort on your part, your website ranking is unlikely to change. You’ve probably heard all about the importance of being on Google’s page 1. But what does it mean if your website doesn’t show up at all in a Google Search?

The simplest way to address this question is to explain Google Search a little more. Google’s search engine spider, called Googlebot, crawls through the literally millions of websites out there and indexes each and everyone of them, ranking them in order of importance or relevance.

If Googlebot has indexed your website’s pages, you’ll be able to find your website in the list of results in a Google Search. If you absolutely can’t find your website, there may be something else wrong. Here’s how you check to see whether your website has been crawled by Googlebot:

  • Open your browser and visit

  • In the search bar, type in “site: www.your website”

You should get a list of all of the pages that Google has indexed from your website. If your results come back with zero links, then Google has not indexed your website. That could mean one of three things:

  • Your website has been built using Flash or another media type that can’t be read by Googlebot so it’s given up indexing your pages.

  • There’s an issue with some of the back end stuff that your web designer has or hasn’t included in the initial build of your website.

  • The most likely reason; your website is brand new and Google hasn’t visited it yet.

If you think your website has a mechanical issue, we can help fix it – either through a new website design or some back end coding. So get in touch and we’ll take a look at it. Our free website audit will outline very clearly what it is that needs to be fixed.

If you have just launched your new website, you don’t actually have to do anything. Googlebot will find and automatically index your website… in it’s own good time of course. It can take weeks, sometimes even months before Googlebot indexes your page. But if you don’t want to wait that long, we can help you here too. We have a number of SEO tools up our sleeves, that will help get your website moving up the ranks in a Google Search.

Get in touch with Hart Design today and our expert SEO Auckland team will optimise your website design and boost your conversion rates to no end.

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