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Mark Hart launched Hart Design, from the spare room at home in 1995. He has since turned his one-man shop into a full-service, award-winning web design agency with a group of extremely talented people who love what they do. Of course, the free booze helps.

Culture is an integral part of any work environment. It’s what unites us together to achieve a common goal, what keeps us coming to work every day and is the backbone of a successful company. At Hart Design, we believe in the work-hard, play-hard attitude. Work is, after all, work, and that should be a priority. But it shouldn’t be the only priority.

Everyone feeds off each other’s creative energy to create a strong and supportive team that works as one well-oiled machine. We believe having the right people, the right office environment and the right clients is the key to a successful business.

When it comes to culture, it’s actually very simple, when you have employees who love coming to work, you create great work. That’s what we strive for here at Hart Design, and what motivates our agency to create great work for our clients. Mark Hart always said that he wanted people that worked hard, worked together and worked smart, and we’ll continue to do what we can to uphold that tradition.


The culture code here at Hart Design goes like this…

Be accountable

Our team must be accountable for any tasks they are set, goals they are working towards and their behaviour on and offline. They are not micro-managed and the majority of the time not managed at all. They might be inspired and guided but not managed. We don’t need our hand holding.

Be responsible

Giving the team the ability to work flexibly, they are given the responsibility to structure their time and hours to work with our clients. They have the responsibility to ask for help, support and guidance if required

Be inquisitive

Each element of the culture code is important, but being inquisitive is one of the most valued attributes of each of the team. You can learn an element of curiosity but being naturally inquisitive and curious is something you either have or don’t. We need people that will question how things are done, who will strive to find better ways and always look to seek to do things better. This helps our team, our clients and our business.

Be trustful and honest

This goes both ways. We have no set-working hours and we don’t monitor the hours the team work. Each member of the team is trusted to work when required for our clients and our business. We focus on results, not time. In turn, the team trust us, our vision and our commitment to the investment and growth of the business. Take the long view, the creation of trust takes time, so have patience and keep focused on the end-goal. The best companies don’t happen overnight.

Be empowered to learn something new every day

We continuously learn, have the attitude and drive to seek and find new ways of doing things.

Focus on results, they matter more

Our clients want results, not to be shown how, where and why we have done a specific campaign. We want to grow, our clients want to grow and we need to focus on what matters. Everyone needs to understand that.

From full creative services to graphic design, social media and web design through to digital marketing, Hart Design has it covered. We work as a well oiled machine with your best interests in mind. And once the project launches, we don’t disappear, never to be heard from again. We continue to work with you to make sure your campaigns are performing, metrics are being met and everyone’s proud of the great work being produced.

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