To succeed online you need website traffic. These are your sales leads and your opportunity to convert website visitors into sales. But to do that you need a website that is easily read by both Googlebots and human readers; a website that works, ranks well, and provides users with relevant information, that draws them in and engages with them.The best way to do this is by regularly adding fresh, relevant content to your website.

Think newspaper report-style on events happening in your company, projects you’re working on, and interesting news from your market or industry. It’s that simple. But for many company owners, this is all too difficult. With a business to run, there simply isn’t enough time left over to write content for the website. And that’s where Hart Design comes in.

There is no such thing as SEO without keywords, and the most smart content marketers understand that the best content helps your rank for the terms that are most related to what your consumers are already searching for – which is why every effective content strategy starts with keyword research.

With a digital marketing plan, we set aside time each month to talk to you, gain an understanding of your business along with your goals for your website, and then put together a plan of action. Whether it’s updates to your website, writing content through blogs or showcases of projects you’re working on, managing your social media or online advertising, or designing and sending out your email marketing campaigns, our team of experts take care of the details, so you have time to get on with running your business. 

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The Website Lead Generation Playbook