Inbound Marketing

There has been a shift in the behaviour of your visitors online nowadays. Instead of waiting on information from you, they are searching for ideas, reviews, and information on a particular product or service. They make more informed choices.

Has your business adapted to these changes?

Inbound marketing is the ideal marketing strategy for your business, your sales engine. Despite that, many businesses still opt for traditional methods of marketing. There are a couple of questions you need to consider.

Does your website design capture your visitors’ attention? Are they drawn into having a long-standing relationship with your business and brand?

Your website is a powerful marketing tool.

Let’s look at the advantages of using an Inbound Marketing strategy:

You are able to attract the right kind of prospect who can be important to your business. Your website provides opportunity for a constant flow of traffic that you can nurture into leads. The biggest advantage is closing the leads into customers by nurturing them with the suitable content. It makes the sales process so much more efficient. You are able to expand your business.

Why does it work?

1. Optimal Content

Look at what you have at your disposal. You can create a short video to guide customers through your product or services. The content of your video can be updated whenever necessary. An easily understood animation that draws the customer’s attention can be effective. Your content can encourage favourable interaction between you and the customer. Therefore, the content should be informative and able to answer the most frequently asked questions.

Engage your customers and answer their questions in the form of blogs, E-books or White Paper, videos, to name but a few. As long as it is appropriate for your customers and answers their questions.

2. Value of E-mail Marketing

An e-mail address is important nowadays. People won’t easily give their e-mail addresses. This is why you need to offer them something of value in return. For instance, create a weekly newsletter that gives tips on how to effectively run a small business. You could offer a free gift as an incentive to sign up for your e-mail list. There are many other techniques to improve e-mail marketing, and to help grow and nurture those leads.

3. Social Media-Marketing

If you want as many people possible to view your content then Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) is an effective way to reach a broader audience. There are numerous ways in which you can present your content. Facebook, for example provides more than one way to post your content, namely; posts with images, link posts and so forth. Make sure the images you choose capture the viewers’ attention, pique their curiosity, entertain them and have an evocative message. You might build a relationship with customers who follow your posts.

4. Increase Traffic With Google Ads

Google Ads can be effective in attracting targeted traffic to your content. As google is the most popular search engine currently, using this method can produce great results. Whilst it might provide highly targeted traffic, this method is recommended in conjunction with other marketing strategies.


I have only touched on the essentials of inbound marketing. It is beneficial to your business and brand. If you keep these tips in mind your website can start attracting targeted traffic to convert into leads.

The Website Lead Generation Playbook