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As we fast track into the last quarter of 2017, digital marketers are already staring into 2018 in regards to digital marketing goals. A large number are contemplating should they continue doing what they are currently doing or should they be making changes now. We've itemised some digital marketing trends worth thinking about for 2018.

Personalised Content

Well over fifty percent of todays buyers turn to the web and it's content for their buying decisions. Close to half want to read the content of four to six different sites before they decide on your company.

It's obvious; content is at the epicentre of all marketing campaigns these days. Personalisation is an essential factor  for writing compelling content. Content tailored explicitly to both where the customer is in the buying process and what covers their needs.

  • Ninety-five per cent of senior-level executives believe delivering personalisation is of the utmost importance for reaching customers.

  • Ninety-six per cent of digital marketing professionals believe personalisation is highly important for their future success.

  • Digital Marketers that deliver personalised experiences will without doubt do far better in their marketing performance.

  • Personalised content performs forty-six per cent better than non-personalised content, according to HubSpot.

By asking your visitors’ personalised questions such as, will this help our customers and prospects to solve their issues and better understand our solution?

Begin by working on the client data you already have in your CRM. Names and email addresses, a lot of your visitors will gladly provide you with their information in exchange for your content supplied in an eBook.

This information will allow you to start lead nurturing campaigns by giving access to more great content, again, in exchange for more relevant and useful data.

Content Conversion & SEO

You can't go too far when chewing the fat about marketing and not include SEO. In a survey, over ninety-five percent of online marketers understand that SEO and content are merging into a single function. The relationship that content marketing and SEO has together has a huge say on todays marketers’ three top metrics: conversions, traffic and engagement.

  • Fifty-three percent of digital marketers state that SEO fluency is very important for content marketing success.

  • Organic search continues to drive over fifty-five per cent of all content consumed.

Use SEO data to understand just how visitors engage with your site's content. You then need to identify which pieces of content generates the most engagement in the visitors that take action.

Think about how your customers interact with your content across all your channels and throughout all the  various stages of the buyers journey. It pays to measure constantly.

Social Media Marketing

In the not too distant future, marketers expect to allocate a high percentage of time to social media. This will in turn push social media spend up. Understanding the buyers’ position is going to play a vital role. Meaning, they want uniform brand messaging and consistent interactions when they come across a brand.


  • Facebook remains king of social media.

  • Social media marketing is becoming all about emotional and engaging content, this pushes readability.

  • Closing in on the end of 2018, the top social media platforms will be giving users the ability to shoot and share live video content.

Video Marketing

A picture paints a thousand words. So it's obvious; video will play a vital role in the future of digital marketing. Video will take over internet traffic, increasing four hundred percent between 2016 and 2020.

By 2020, video wii cover over eighty per cent of all traffic. Put another way; the world wide web will host three and a half trillion online video minutes every single month, which equals one and a half million viewing minutes every second.

  • Sixty-five percent of all websites are already using video as a marketing tool.

  • Seventy percent of decision makers visit a marketer’s website after viewing a branded video.

  • The average B2B video retains thirty-nine per cent of engagers all the way to the end.

  • Ninety-three percent of viewers who watch mobile videos actually do share them.


Calculate the amount of video content you have on your site and it's ROI. Make your videos stand out, make sure that that they are in keeping with your brand strategy.

Increase your SEO by adding video to your website, blogs, landing pages and social media posts. Play with different lengths and subject matter for your videos.

All guns blazing for mobile marketing into 2018 and the future. Google has announced it's mobile-first algorithm and is expected to launch in early 2018. Google will index mobile content highly. 

Digital Advertising

If you’re currently not up to your neck in digital advertising, now is the time.

  • Facebook’s revenue in Q2 2017 reached $8.11 billion, up forty-nine per cent year-on-year.

  • Twitter’s revenue dropped in early 2017 by nine percent to $549 million, down to advertisers moving away Twitter.

  • LinkedIn grew its revenue, close to $1 billion ($977 million) in sponsored ad revenue.

Try lots of different things with your ads on all the different social media platforms you use, to see which perform better for your brand. Delve deeper into the advanced ad-targeting tools, such as location-based advertising, and these put your ads in front of users at the very moment they’re in your area.

The developments around digital marketing are coming at a phenomenal speed. Don't rely on what has worked in the past. Start implementing - the top trends that will impact digital marketing success in 2018 and beyond.

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