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We’ve said it before; Content is King! Forget keyword stuffing and writing meaningless copy which may have impressed search engines in the past. Engaging visitors with great content is the latest model in building brand-awareness and search engine optimization. One of the best ways to incorporate this model is through a company blog. According to HubSpot – the inbound marketing software platform – companies that blog get 55% more website visitors to their site.

But just how easy is it to create great content? Finding topics that are compelling and engaging while providing helpful and valuable information can be something of a challenge. We’ve listed 6 creative ideas for blog to help you get started in generating great content for your business blog:

1. Write about your products and services

As the focus of your business, your products and services provide the platform for interesting blogging. Steer clear of self-promotion though, rather focussing on the unusual and interesting ways of using your products and services. Some blog post ideas could include writing about an upcoming launch or talking about an event your company has hosted.

2. Listen to your customers

A valuable means of information sharing, use your company blog to communicate with your customers. New product launches or informative guides on how to use your product, updating customers on changes to your products or services are just a few blog post ideas.

3. Join the Conversation on LinkedIn

Connecting with like-minded business professionals through LinkedIn may help generate new blog post ideas; join the discussion by asking questions in the “Answers” section of LinkedIn.

4. Write about industry-related trends and developments

Check out Google Alerts – and type in a keyword or topic from your industry. Google Alerts will send you news and content about your topic; a great way to generate fresh, new ideas from current news and content.

5. Read related industry blogs

Have a look at what your competitors are doing by searching the blog content on their web pages or do a blog post search by topic using Google search; type in a keyword specific to your industry and add “blog” to the end of your query. Ideas could include writing about a current news item relevant to your industry or trends that may affect your industry and clients.

6. Let your customers become celebrities

Highlighting your customers’ results and successes via case studies, interviews and testimonials are an excellent means of showcasing your products and services. And they allow potential new customers the opportunity to learn more about your company and what you can do for them.

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