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Your content is not just the blog posts and the text on your website pages, content is all the material that people to come to your website and social media pages to read, watch and listen to so they can interact with you and your business.   


So Why Is Content Important

When it comes to Search Engine Optimisation and search results, you may have heard the phrase “Content is King”. In today’s environment, high-quality content is a business’s most powerful digital marketing asset.

Content is the most important thing right now. Your content is going to set your website design and your branding apart from all your competitors that are fighting for that same keyword and page one spot in your industry. High-quality original and unique content is what search engines and your site visitors want to see.

Here's a story we created for a client around a particular product they offer their customers, in this real-world example we show how we took a website from nowhere to number one. We demonstrate how content affects SEO.  Hopefully by the end, why content is king will be perfectly clear.

Google sees links to web pages as a kind of “popularity contest” for that website. So, each piece of content on your website is another opportunity to attract links from other sites. The higher the number of links your website has pointing to it, looks extremely good to Google and in return not only do you see an increase in traffic but your website will rank higher in Google search.


By creating high-quality content on your website, you will also position yourself as an expert in your industry. It's a well-known fact that people trust and gravitate towards companies that they think are trustworthy and reliable.

Today, people are generally time poor, they want answers to questions right now, and if your website doesn't provide those answers they seek, then they are quickly on to the next. When this happens, it's known as a bounce, and this hurts your rankings and not to mention your bottom line.

Reasons to always provide the highest quality of content.
It helps you build trust

Trust is a precious asset any business can have. You build trust with your prospects and customers alike by showing that you are here to help them. It's crucial that your content is well researched and put together using supportive images and video if you have it. This is key to becoming an authority and trusted resource for your clients.

It helps you be convincing

It is not enough to share great content with your customers. Assisting visitors to understand what your content means to them and the effect it can have on their business. Being able to answer peoples questions and help them along their journey is going to give them confidence that you are the person that does know what you're talking about. With that new found knowledge, they are now more likely to engage with you. That could be anything from a like on a social post, form submission or downloading one of your eBooks.


So how can you create quality content?

When you've taken the time and effort to collate the right content ideas, your audience will take to it and in turn, will help push it out to an even wider audience. To get the right writing content ideas, you can check your competitors’ websites to see what type of content is working for them.

There are tools out there that can help you see what’s popular on any site of your choice. One we like to use here is Buzzsumo. Using this along with your keyword planner, you will have lots of ideas for link building which you can save for later dates on your editorial calendar.

It doesn’t matter whether the content you’re creating is visual, audio or written — research is imperative. If you discover during your research that your content is not the same, include it anyway. You don't want to appear and sound like all the others.

Define the Content Goal

Understanding the purpose of your content is very important, is your material there to educate, inform or entertain your visitors. Once you have broken down these areas, it's not going to be a difficult task to choose the right keywords, phrases and title tags that will help you achieve the goals you've set out.

Keyword research is extremely vital for strong content. Therefore, after identifying the target audience and defining the goals of the content, the next best tip is to do your keyword research. Once you have collated your list of targeted keywords, you can then set about creating your unique and relevant content, knowing that it will rank well with Google.TheValueOfWebDesign-2Remember that there is a tonne of plagiarism check tools out there that will allow you to check the authenticity or originality of your content. Google is going to penalise those websites that their content straight off other sites. The good news is that for those that take the time and effort to create unique content, Google is going to reward you with better and higher rankings. 

Thus, it would be best if you didn't hesitate to use credible sources for the collation of your information. It's also a good idea to reference the source of that information especially when it’s about statistics and figures. Remember that your website is a reflection of your business and it will always impact how people view you.

Use the SEO Technique

 SEO stands for search engine optimisation. Hence to create great content for your website, it is vital to use the approach or method that can be easily optimised by search engines thereby resulting in more website traffic. With that being said, while creating an SEO content strategy, it is imperative to understand SEO and content as well as the relations between them.

Of course, when it comes to content marketing, we should be able to differentiate between content marketing and just writing an article that includes visual content with interactive videos and sometimes offline content. Content marketing should be used as an inbound strategy which attracts online visitors.Laptop-and-keyline-SEOYou want to be creating content that entices site visitors to either purchase what you're selling online or to make contact with you. You can do this by making sure your content is relevant and up to date. We all know how quickly an industry can change these days, and if your pages are falling behind, you're not going to get that engagement.

Once you have a better understanding of what your potential prospects and customers are looking for and how they respond to it, you should then go ahead and develop content that focuses on addressing the core issues they are focusing on. Then you can proceed to optimise your content in such a manner that it will rank highly and gain visibility, not just from the search engine point of view but also from the user experience point of view.

Use Top Quality Images and Videos

The use of quality images and videos on a website will also go a long way to increase the overall quality of your content and subsequently the number of site visitors. People have become highly visual by nature, so at times images can communicate better, people sometimes don't want to read long, drawn out lengthy posts. More so, videos have advantages as they can be viewed and listened to at just about anytime.


What’s Your Strategy for Content and SEO?

The best SEO results come from writing and creating high-quality content pages. How does content fit in with your SEO strategy?

As a creative design agency, Hart Design have the capabilities to generate content for your website and social media campaigns. It’s a well-worn clichè, yet the mantra “content is king” is truer today than ever before. In today’s SEO landscape, what’s really important about content is its quality. We’re an accomplished team of content creators producing original and well-crafted content for web design Auckland businesses.

If you’re not confident about it, contact us for help improving your content and SEO.

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