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Hart Design is more than just a web design Auckland company. We have available a series of complete online marketing packages, which includes a specialist Content Writing component. Our aim is to set you apart from your competition by offering a managed online marketing service – coupled with our SEO services NZ friendly websites; the foundation of our proven track record in Google rankings – our packages provides proven results in search engines and will ultimately generate more leads for your business.

When it comes to Search Engine Optimisation, you may have heard the phrase “Content is King”. In today’s environment, quality, original content is a business’s most powerful marketing asset.

Never underestimate the intelligence of Google’s search robots “spiders”. You can no longer fool Google by simply using keywords and key phrases alone to get good search engine rankings. The introduction of Google’s new search algorithm diminished the value of simply using keywords in preference of more sophisticated ways of determining a website’s ratings.

This was to eradicate the high level of “keyword spam” that was infiltrating the web by sites filling their pages with (often) inappropriate keywords in order to push them up the rankings.

Google’s modern powerful anti-spam methods counteracted this by establishing a system that recognises not only keywords but also the quality of the content that is written on your website, ensuring that only high-quality, original content ranks well.

Therefore, in today’s climate, SEO no longer means filling your web page with keywords and keyphrases. They still have their place but they are no longer the high-value element in determining your website’s ranking. Well written, original content with engaging, valuable information is fundamental to your online marketing success.

For businesses to rank well in Google they need to offer content that is current and regularly updated, well-researched and newsworthy.

This has given rise to a new generation of credible Search Engine Optimisation companies – it is no longer the domain of “smoke and mirror” SEO operators. In New Zealand, Hart Design is leading the way with their top quality web design Auckland – built using correct website architecture, and providing the ongoing marketing support that is essential to climbing the Google ladder.

There’s no silver bullet to great SEO, that’s why Hart Design has developed our online marketing packages, where we will work in with you to provide frequent, quality copywriting to a professional standard, written to engage both your reader and Google’s search robots. Quality content will not only boost traffic to your website but connect with visitors in such a way that they will keep returning.

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