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Probably the most compelling reason to use Email Marketing, is that it’s one of the most cost effective means of getting your message directly out to your customer. Because there are no printing, postage or advertising costs involved in sending out an Email Marketing campaign, it’s affordable for most businesses.

While Social Media provides an instant platform from which to connect with your customers, it has it’s limitations. Email Marketing allows you more flexibility in communicating your message in its entirety, without being confined to a certain number of characters or a single image. And Email Marketing really delivers; recent studies show that clients gained through an Email Marketing campaign, are more likely to shop and spend more.

Hart Design will set up a mobile friendly Email Marketing template for your business that looks good on all devices. At a cost of $20 per email campaign + 6c per recipient, it’s your best return on investment. Call us today to get set up.

Our Email marketing Strategy

One of the best ways to reach out to a new or existing customer is through email marketing. So what is Email Marketing? It’s directly marketing a promotional message to acquire new customers or to persuade an existing client to buy from your brand again. You need to let current customers know of an upcoming sale, the arrival of a hot new product, send them a survey.

We come up with custom email strategies to help you meet your strategic goals. Our date driven email marketing plans include:

  • Increasing leads

  • Building out specific email lists

  • Landing page design and development

  • A/B testing

  • Data analysis

The Website Lead Generation Playbook