You're looking at your website design and your thinking that it's starting to look little dated and it's time for a fresh new look. You have a few ideas of how you would like the site to look, and you're excited about a fresh new start, but you have many questions. So we've put this list together in an attempt to answer those questions before you get started on that new build.

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How long will a new website build take?

Now that you have decided you are going to get a new website designed, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that your first question is going to be, "how long is this going to take?".

Well, all good things take time. Many factors need to be accounted for. How many pages will my new website need, do I need modern photography, will my site take online payments, are there new plugins available for specific functionality or features.

When choosing your new web developer, look at their portfolio and gage the sort of work they've done to date. Do they have a particular style that appeals to you? Some developers are better suited to eCommerce and more professional websites, while some designers have the creative flair that suits simpler, brochure style websites.

This is not a phase that can be rushed, and you don't want to pressure your designer. Having your content and message ready will allow your designer to present your message more engagingly and powerfully, rather than to just shoehorn your message into a standard template design, where your key points may be lost.

How much will it cost?

Price will vary a lot, depending on how complex your website needs to be.

We've written another post here that breaks those complexities down, and we outline the many various types of sites that you can develop.


How easy will it be to add features in the future?

A website is never really finished; it's essential to understand that from the get-go. You can get it to a stage where you're happy for it to go live and you've covered all the bases. You're going to want to update your content on a regular basis and add new content over time. So you want to be able to do a lot of this work yourself. It's essential there to have your website developed on an easy to use Content Management System (CMS).

Will the site be mobile friendly or responsive?

As your website is going to be viewed on mobile phones and tablets, it's vital these days that your website is mobile friendly. You want everybody to have an enjoyable experience when seeing your site regardless of the device he or she is using. If not, your site visitors are going to leave and go straight to your competitors. Investing in a responsive site will also make Google very happy and this, in turn, is going to have a positive effect on your search rankings.


Will any training be provided?

We're not saying you have to learn to code to update your website. A good content management system makes it super easy to add that new content and update those images at the touch of a button. A good web designer will put the time in to teach you the basics, how to make simple edits and how to create new pages. You now have the autonomy to keep your website up to date and informative.

What do you need from me?

Your developer is not going to know your business like the way you do. You are going to have to provide them with your logo files and a brand guide if you have one. Core content that you want to see on your site, such as company history, a break down of your services, team players and all your contact details.

Your developer is going to have questions, and it's crucial that you make yourself available during the course of the build to get those questions answered as expediently as possible.


Questions your developer may have for you.

Before starting to design and develop your website, it's vital your developer has a handle on the outcomes of the site. Working backwards, they are going to put the pieces of the puzzle together by adding specific integrations, such as chat services, plugins, heat maps, video, CTA's and forms. Functionality is best left to the developers; they know best when it comes to the more delicate points of web design, getting too involved here could lead to unnecessary complications in the build.

If you have questions around your website design, then give our web design Auckland team a call.