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The Plant People have stories to tell. Our Digital Marketing Plans are designed to extract stories from businesses and share them with the world. Because, as we know, it is by talking about your work that connects you with new business.

Offering much more than just plants, their business spans 10 divisions, covering everything from earthmoving to landscaping, from contract mowing to golf course maintenance and from large-scale contract growing to indoor plant hire.

The Plant People contract to some of New Zealand’s biggest players in the development game. Over more than 30 years The Plant People have built up a vast portfolio of interesting, creative landscaping and construction projects.

Trouble is, outside of their four walls and dedicated client following, no-one knows about these wonderful examples of what The Plant People are capable of.

Hart Design has a plan to rectify this and ensure that from now on, more people will know about The Plant People and what they can do.

Having launched a new website by Hart Design in July, we’ve signed The Plant People on to our Pro Digital Marketing Plan. This allows us to generate one feature-rich showcase of their work every month. We do everything from on-location photography to SEO content writing and online marketing.


We’ve mapped out the first six months of their plan in advance. All we require from The Plant People is a time and a place for us to shoot stills and even drone footage. We’ll need a little background info for the accompanying story.

And with that, our team is busy as bees producing highly optimised content for their website.

Our SEO content writers have a talent for taking a few drops of information and whipping it up into an engaging article. The work is published on their website and spread across social media channels and email marketing.

Telling Your Story Is SEO Gold Dust

Month #1 of The Plant People’s Plan was to showcase the playground construction project they undertook for Fletcher Living’s Totara heights residential subdivision.

With the article published and optimised for SEO, you will find their website on page 1* for “playground construction”. Prior to showcasing this work, The Plant People website wasn’t visible for this search term at all.

(Rankings checked on September 6, 2018).


We’ll Print It, Too

As an extension to the Plan, we’re also creating A3 Z-fold flyers for each article. Hart Design has the capabilities to provide a graphic design and digital printing service in-house.

In doing so, over time, The Plant People will compile a library of printed material that showcases their capabilities. So when their sales team has a meeting with a new prospect, they can cherry-pick the relevant flyers to leave with them.

Now that’s a whole lot of mileage out of one story.

Fertile SEO Ground

For us, as digital marketers, The Plant People is a fertile bed for growing stories. We know that by harnessing these stories we can vastly improve their search engine visibility.

As the articles build up over time, we’ll eventually cover the length and breadth of The Plant People’s service offerings. And by doing so, put them in the frame for when people are searching for their next commercial landscaping partner.

Do you have stories to tell? We’d love to help you improve your search engine visibility, too.



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