Digital Marketing

Is email marketing still relevant? Let me save you a few minutes of reading: yes it is. For those who need convincing, do read on as we explore the ROI of email marketing using a recent real-world example.

While we don’t advocate email marketing for everyone, we believe it is still a powerful tool for some. That’s no different to our thoughts on other digital marketing strategies, such as Facebook or Google Ads: it’s right for some, not for others.

Email Marketing is Right for Jetshare

Jetshare is ready to conquer the outdoor recreation market in Auckland. As a start-up business with many pieces of his marketing puzzle in place, business owner Aarron Hanson is now entrenched in a networking and brand awareness phase.

Our latest contribution was to design an email marketing campaign to promote Jetshare’s most recent hooks: an online booking system and a 0% finance offer.



Jetshare offers Aucklanders the most fun they’ll have all season with a unique jetski timeshare business. With Jetshare, you get all the fun of owning a jet ski without the hassle of storage, maintenance and breakdown repairs.

Jetshare came to Hart Design with an established brand and an e-commerce website. With a number of sales under his belt, Aarron wanted to reinvest in his online marketing. Our first task for Aarron was to put a little polish on the website.

Recognising the importance of mobile friendly website design, Aarron’s main goal was to improve the website’s mobile display. The value of this work cannot be overstated given the data recorded in Jetshare’s Google Analytics account. We can see that 60% of Jetshare’s website traffic is viewing the website on a mobile device.

Other web design tasks included general page layout improvements, adding a photo gallery and a little creative work to push the finance deal available to Jetshare subscribers.


Going Beyond Web Design

More recently our team has bedded in a feature-rich booking system provided by European software

The system allows Aarron to easily keep track of who has booked his jet skis and when. And for his clients, they can check how many bookings they have remaining and manage future bookings all with a few easy clicks.

Email notifications and calendar syncing are part of the package.

Getting Back to the Present: Email Marketing

So the website is now looking more attractive, the booking system is in place and an enticing offer is ready to promote. It’s time to give Jetshare another push to those leads that Aarron has built up since launching.

Hart Design recommended our email marketing system as a fantastic tool to push these messages to Jetshare followers.

Why? Because it’s visually punchy, mobile friendly and most importantly it’s trackable.

The reports generated in the system allows you to identify who’s keen and who’s not. This means Aarron can strike while the iron is hot with those leads who are progressing further down the sales funnel.

The Proof is in the Payoff

Spring has sprung and summer is on the horizon: the perfect time to ramp up Jetshare’s marketing efforts. The email marketing campaign was scheduled to send on Sunday morning and by the end of the weekend, Aaron had secured a sale to the value $2.5k.

Greenlane resident Jared has purchased a 14 Day Half Share and has already booked up seven day’s fun on the Hauraki Gulf this January.

Through our email marketing system, Aarron could see that Jared has opened the email campaign a number of times and clicked on a link to learn more about the offering. And there are more hot leads just like Jared identified in the system for Aarron to pursue over the coming days.

In case anyone needs reminding that contemporary digital design should be mobile-first, then here’s this nugget of statistical gold: Jared was one of the 60+ per cent who were looking at this email campaign on a mobile device.


Email Marketing ROI

This campaign was the first email marketing effort for Jetshare. As such there were, of course, some set up costs as our design team built the HTML template and designed the initial campaign. 

Even with that outlay factored in, the ROI on this campaign is still in excess of 380% with that one sale to Jetshare’s newest summer thrill seeker.

Looking ahead, Aarron can be self-sufficient in sending email marketing campaigns and therefore trim the cost right back to bare bones. To send this email campaign to 122 leads was less than $30.

For those who haven’t done the math, the ROI for Jetshare’s next email marketing campaign – should Aarron secure one more sale of their mid-range 14 Day Half Share – would be in excess of 8000%!

I’ll tell you one thing for free: Aarron is not asking “Is email marketing still relevant?”