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I can't think of a single area in a business today that can't be outsourced, and that includes your web design projects. Stop and think about how much you depend on outsourced work right now. I bet you outsource your legal and probably your accounting work, right? There are a lot of businesses, across hundreds of industries that depend on outsourcing everyday; however, it still remains difficult for a lot of business owners to take the time and think through the many advantages of outsourcing their web and marketing projects.

If marketing is not a real strong point for your company, you should be outsourcing this to a vibrant team of creative and talented marketing professionals, this way you will get the required ROI while increasing your profitability. Well, that's the idea anyway.

We'll delve in and see just what it really takes to develop an internal team and look more closely into the very reasons why we think that outsourcing your marketing is the smartest and by far the shortest way to to the top.


Keep your marketing in-house: Think about the high cost of acquiring staff and time involved for the on-boarding process. Let's face it, if you’re not a blue chip corporate, it's going to be hard finding talent team members for your business. In the end you're going to end up putting up with average team members that will go to work for an acceptable pay cheque and in return will create less than adequate results.

Every business owner will tell you that recruiting and training a group is a huge undertaking and requires deep pockets. That's not to mention, the high risk that making bad hires possibly has. Budget in the time and costs needed to bring on and mould a group that are capable of delivering quality projects time and again while meeting deadlines, well, lets just say that your chances are not high.

Outsourcing Your Marketing Team

Firstly, if you do outsource your marketing, you're not going to incur the high costs of hiring team members and making sure they're always busy. A well chosen and talented marketing partner is going to provide a ready made team of creatives who are set to go on your marketing campaigns. By outsourcing, you’ll gain the benefits from a marketing team that aligns marketing and sales campaigns to produce goals that drive revenue.

Internal marketing teams get tied down creating collateral that's only used a mere 25 per cent of the time, mainly due to the fact it's not really that relevant. And yet, 75 per cent of the opportunities that go begging could be completely avoided if only people had the right internal collateral.

Having An Internal Team

If we take a close look at companies that rely on internal marketing efforts: We'll see that 90 per cent of those businesses that have their sales and marketing teams on different pages have a badly managed CRMThe 10 per cent of businesses that have well honed systems turn to out sourced teams to take care of them and even then don't see a positive return on their efforts.

Outsourcing For Better Business Systems

Any marketing processes are only as good as the team members that are leading them. By outsourcing marketing, you’ll have players that have a deep understanding of marketing optimisation and CRM management. A well honed marketing team will lead from the front and be able to implement a strong programme that works in with your budget and goals for the future.

If you have chosen to develop a internal marketing machine, the first thing you do is bring onboard HubSpot, or other marketing tools, and you then employ a small team of marketing guns to start and run the machine. They learn all the software online and they're ready to go - right?

What makes a great marketing team so successful are the processes they have in place. Without a deep understanding how to get the best from these tools to prospect, engage and nurture in the proper order, your company’s marketing programme cannot fly.

Outsourcing Marketing Processes

A well groomed marketing team can increase revenue, that's a given. Outsourced marketing teams specialise in a process: creating and developing campaigns through revenue-producing activities that fit within your allocated budget to attract new prospects and through the buyers journey convert them into happy customers. Beginning at the very top of the sales funnel right through to the bottom, an outsourced marketing team will target on leads, drive traffic, convert them into leads, and finally nurture prospects to close. 

Take a look at your current marketing costs as they compare to your revenue stream. If you’re not happy, then outsourcing your marketing may be the right choice for your business. Reach out to our creative web design Auckland team today, talk to us about how outsourcing your marketing can help your business achieve the results you desire.

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