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Almost every aspect of a modern day business can be outsourced, including your web design tasks. Consider all the ways you rely on outsourced resources for your business already. Do you outsource legal and accounting work? What about recruiting? Thousands of businesses rely on outsourcing to support back-end business functions and operations; and yet, it’s still hard for many business leaders to consider the benefits of outsourcing their marketing.

Many believe that essential functions responsible for driving revenue must be driven internally. This is a common misconception. Outsourcing your marketing is no different.

Unless marketing is a core competency of your business, it should be outsourced to a team of seasoned professionals who can deliver consistent results, increase profitability and significantly reduce your overhead costs.

Let's look at what it takes to build and sustain an in-house team and delve deeper into the reasons why outsourcing your marketing is the shortest path to success.


Keeping it in-house: Consider the cost of hiring, onboarding and maintaining an in-house team of marketers. It's a job seeker's market; so, if you’re not a high-flying company, you’re going to have a hard time finding qualified talent for your team. What ends up happening? Many businesses end up settling for mediocre players that will accept a fair salary and produce average results for your business.

Every business owner can attest that recruiting, training and compensating a marketing team is a significant long-term investment. Plus, you take on all the risk of making a bad hire. Simply knowing where to look for top talent is hard enough. Factor in the budget and time needed to attract and train a team that will consistently execute against a plan and meet quotas, the odds are against you.

Outsourcing Your Marketing Team

By outsourcing your marketing, you can avoid the hefty investment and vicious cycle of sourcing, hiring, and replacing an in-house team. A credible partner provides a fully vetted team of marketing professionals who are ready to execute on highly targeted campaigns that fit within your budget. Outsourcing also eliminates non-revenue producing activities by aligning sales and marketing goals.

For example, in-house marketing professionals tend to get sucked into designing collateral that only ends up being used by sales 30% of the time because it is not relevant to their prospecting efforts, or does not support their sales goals. And yet, 88% of missed opportunities could be avoided if salespeople had the right internal resources and collateral to leverage. By outsourcing, you’ll benefit from a team that proactively aligns marketing and sales campaigns to consistently execute against specific goals to drive revenue for your business.

Taking it In-house

Here’s what we’ve found to be true of the majority of companies relying on in-house marketing efforts:

90% of companies with misaligned sales and marketing infrastructure have poorly managed CRM and Marketing Automation Platforms (MAPs).

The 10% of companies that do have functioning systems defer to third-party consultants to manage them and still fail to see a desirable return.

Outsourcing for Improved Business Systems

Marketing automation is only as effective as the people that are leading it. By outsourcing marketing, you’ll get a team that is fluent in marketing automation and CRM optimisation. That team will be ready to hit the ground running to build a suitable programme that fits your budget and business model, or to optimise current systems to drive a positive ROI on your marketing technology spend.

Let’s say you decide to take on the challenge of optimising your marketing operations internally. You purchase Salesforce, HubSpot, or other sales and marketing tools, and you hire a small group of sales and marketing professionals to keep it going. They take the necessary certification courses online and now what?

Most of what makes for a successful marketing engine is not visible on the surface. It is all reliant on solid processes. Without understanding how to implement and operate these tools to prospect, nurture, and engage in a systematic way, your company’s programme cannot flourish. A team that does not have consistent and scalable sales processes that make them effective will ultimately end up relying on relationship-driven team members who deliver inconsistent results. This will dilute your company’s ability to scale and succeed.

Outsourcing Marketing Processes

Properly aligned sales and marketing can increase revenue threefold. Outsourced teams of marketing and sales professionals specialise in a consistent process: building campaigns around revenue-producing activities that fit within your budget to acquire new customers and drive recurring revenue. Because they’re consistently presented with opportunities to learn across many different accounts, they’re able to optimise efforts much faster than an internal team. This allows for the creation of truly scalable processes that are tested across many scenarios.

From the top of the funnel to the bottom, an outsourced team will consistently target qualified leads, drive inbound traffic, convert leads, and nurture prospects to close. Reevaluate your current infrastructure costs as they relate to your revenue generation. If you’re unsatisfied, then outsourcing your marketing may be right for your business. Reach out to our creative web design Auckland team today, request a consultation and learn how outsourcing your marketing can help your company achieve the results you desire without the costs you dread.

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