Inbound Marketing

Many small business owners have little time to devote to online marketing strategies. Online marketing can be time consuming – and depending on what tactics you use – very expensive. Your time and resources aren’t infinite, and the day-to-day running of your business is taking up most of your time. However, with more and more people right across the lifespan using the web to access information about businesses and products, it is now even more important that you grow your online presence. A recent survey found that 50% of Kiwi businesses didn’t even have a website!

It’s surprising that in 2016 how a small business owner would consider a website design not relevant. Businesses need to look current, not out of date. A website provides the opportunity to tell you story, what what you’re about. A simple brochure site is a great start, it doesn’t have to be complicated, today, a web site has to be part of your business plan.

With 72% of Kiwis using the Internet monthly to look for businesses, products and services online, this is a worrying trend. It means that countless small to medium businesses are missing out on opportunities to capture the largest consumer market – the web surfers.

Even small to medium enterprises that do have a functioning website, many of them aren’t using essential marketing approaches to get their business ahead – and stay there.

Here is 3 “must-do’s” for all small to medium businesses:

Social Media

Small businesses utilising social media campaigns as part of their online marketing strategy are creating a platform that lets them connect and engage more with their clients, while maximizing their brand and promoting their services wider, reaching more potential customers. However, a recent survey showed that only 40% of small to medium businesses in Auckland were taking advantage of the benefits of social media, compared to 65% in Southland. So why are we cosmopolites trailing behind? According to experts, time and ‘not knowing where to start’ were contributing factors to Auckland businesses poor presence on social media sites. But, with experts saying that small to medium businesses that don’t use some form of social media communication will struggle to survive over the long term, isn’t it time we stopped making excuses? If you don’t have time, get an online marketing specialist company to do it for you. If you don’t know where to start – get advice.

It’s imperative businesses get their social media strategy right. The power of social media is exceptional. Businesses need to use it to their advantage to make the most of their online marketing potential and get their message across.


There is much emphasis now on businesses blogging, and there are reasons for this. Blogging is a magic ingredient for SEO. By adding relevant, up-to-date information to your site, Google will see you are not static and reward you by pushing you up the rankings. Blogging also enhances your authority. By writing about issues or subjects relevant to your key audience, and answering some questions they might have by providing vital information, you increase your status and gain trust. Blogging is also material that can enhance your social media presence by being shared on the social networking platforms you use. By including a share option, your audience can also share on their sites, greatly increasing your advertising potential.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is another key element to a successful marketing strategy. Successful email marketing plans will help to generate lead sales. Studies show that successful email marketing campaigns by businesses are gaining them new customers at a rapidly growing rate. Email marketing is also the most cost effective method to drive traffic to your site, keep your brand at the forefront of the mind of future buyers, and build trust and develop relationships with existing clients. Giving subscribers the option to share your email content will also boost your social media presence and widen your advertising net.

The Website Lead Generation Playbook