Inbound Marketing

The days of snail mail for communicating with your customers, database list and even your employees has gone – it is all about information at your fingertips with smart phones, tablets and soon to be ‘wearable technology’ with integrated glasses, watches and most likely implants!!

As we start 2015, email is the most prolific form of communication in the business world (it would be texts in the social world) with more and more businesses discovering the power of instant communication that is cost efficient, can be measured and used for mass or small scale marketing.

Email marketing is not going away

Email marketing covers the whole gambit from an individual email to an single person to a full campaign that sends the same content to your entire customer base at the push of a single button. Many businesses start by using their own email client to send newsletters or promotional emails to their lists however there is often no way of knowing who opened it, who clicked on any links for more info or even if the email was actually delivered. You may also run the risk of having their account ‘flagged’ due to the quantity of emails being sent at a single time as your email client may consider the account has been hacked and is sending out spam – not to mention your account may be rather busy for some time depending on the number of emails in your list.

Email marketing is not going away in the very near future and those businesses that don’t think they have a use for it would be very surprised how it could help their business grow – both internally and externally. Contact the Hart Design team today to discuss how easy it is to join the ‘fad’.

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