When it comes to website design and building a website, we’re often asked which CMS (Content Management System) platform is better for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Many of our customers are under the assumption that a website built using WordPress rather than Joomla ranks better with Google’s search engine.

Firstly, it’s important that we dispel this myth. Google’s search engine does not rank your website based on what CMS platform it’s been built on. In fact, you don’t need a CMS to build a search engine optimised website! A CMS just makes it a whole lot easier for you to manage the content on your website, and that’s important for SEO.

Instead Google considers the following factors when ranking your website:

  • Your content. How your website is structured

  • How users interact with your website

  • Here’s an interesting blog from webcraftni that backs up this argument.

Joomla vs WordPress

As with any myth, there is a degree of truth to the WordPress vs Joomla theory. WordPress is arguably better structured for the world of SEO. But this means very little if your content is not well-written, unique and interesting, and you have little or no interaction from website visitors.

And the gap between what Joomla and WordPress each deliver ‘out of the box’ can be very quickly closed by expert developers who know how to get the most out of a Joomla website design.

That’s where Hart Design has a competitive edge; with a proven track record showing excellent search engine results with both CMS platforms, we choose the system that best matches your business needs, and then optimise the end result. Talk to us about which CMS would best suit your business needs.

As with most things, SEO requires a sustained effort. We can help you with that too. Sign up for a Digital Marketing Plan to really ramp up your search engine rankings and get your enquiry rate soaring.

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