Inbound Marketing

As a smart business owner, you already know what a great website can do for your business. Chances are, your business has a website design and it cost you some money to build. But what if time goes by and it doesn’t generate new leads you were hoping for?

A website is your main business showcase and it is essential to keep track of how “hard” it works. The website with no support and updates won’t help your business grow. Forget about the days when a website was a supplementary thing to your marketing media. Today’s competitive digital world requires not only to have a website but to have a good working website.

So how do you know if your website produces the best results and continually represents your business in the best possible way?

With so many digital marketing strategies and a variety of media being used today, your company website is more critical than ever. Your website is the front door of your business and acts as the hub for your online marketing efforts. But is your website helping or damage your efforts? Take a good look at your website from the perspective of your customers.

Today we’re surrounded by information overload, your website must be clear, readable and easy to understand. It should provide the exact information your visitors are looking for with the least amount of distraction. Go for a simple and clean layout instead of a complex one, it will help you to direct more attention to your services or products. Remember, bulky content is weighing the website down. People are processing information better in bite-sized pieces and hardly even read long blocks of text. It doesn’t mean you have to skip out on content. It’s all about the right representation of that content so it becomes easily-digestible and can be an be quickly skimmed by the website visitors.

Today we’re surrounded by information overload, your website must be clear, readable and easy to understand.

A lot of different shapes, colours and small images make your website look like an annoying advertisement so your prospects will go from being initially engaged to feeling overwhelmed, disinterested and well… annoyed within minutes. A great way to clarify and simplify your message is to understand the importance of whitespace.

Less is more

‘Less is more’ is not just a phrase. The portion of a page left blank transforms a page into something elegant and sophisticated. This way every piece of information, every single image becomes more precious and crucial. Even though it’s called white space, it doesn’t mean you actually need to have white coloured margins on your website. The blank space filled with a calm solid colour or a nice simple texture works just fine as long as it doesn’t include any other elements like text or images.


High quality photos

Speaking of images… Do the images chosen reflect your brand in a positive way? Are they a good quality and big enough to catch attention and represent your brand and your product or service? The big ‘hero’ images are not just a trend or an attempt to fill the space – they can sell better than thousand words if you implement them in the right way. It’s hard to find anything that can be as attractive and descriptive as a beautiful photograph but you don’t have to restrict yourself: vector backgrounds, illustrations and even video which directly relate to the content can spruce up the design as well. 


 Mobile-friendly web design

It’s probably no surprise by now that mobile usage is exploding. Between 30-50% of website’s traffic can be attributed to mobile phones and tablets, yet the vast majority of business websites are still not mobile-friendly. This doesn’t only make it harder for users, but also causes a loss in business opportunities. According to Google Think Insights studies, there’s a 61% chance your potential customers will leave immediately and go to another website if they can’t view your website on a mobile device. The studies also show that 70% of people have a better opinion of brands when they offer a good mobile experience. 


 Your website is the centre of your inbound marketing strategy. If you want your website to generate and increase quality leads and grow your business, you need to take care of it first. Take a critical look at the common problems listed above. We can help you with digital marketing and email campaigns but the truth is you can’t run before you learn to walk. Let’s analyse your website together and consider what more it could be doing for your business? We want to solve your problems and build you a full-functioning, proficient website.

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