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As Social Media continues to dominate Digital Marketing efforts, many doubt the effectiveness of Email Marketing. While Social Media certainly has its place, at Hart Design we believe that Email Marketing plays an important role too. Email Marketing is a cost effective means of targeting and reaching your customers, and it’s success is measurable. Through a series of Blogposts, we’ll explore Email Marketing a little closer and find out why we believe that Email Marketing is still an effective marketing tool.

Email Marketing is Targeted

The real value of Email Marketing lies in targeting. By segmenting your customers, you’re able to effectively reach different markets with a targeted message. You may still be using old-fashioned methods of advertising, like Yellow Pages. Let me ask you this: how do you control who sees your message and how do you measure its effectiveness? Email Marketing solves this problem by allowing you to control exactly who gets your message. You can segment your database based on current customers, prospective customers, specific industries, demographics; in fact just about anything. You can also customise your message for each group of customers which means you’re more likely to convert these leads into sales.

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