Branding Graphic Design

Logo design has been a hot topic in the studio this month, particularly the subtle art of modernising a brand without destroying brand recognition. So I thought I would write about how we go about it and breakdown a few examples, including a current project we have underway right now.

When people come to us looking for a new logo design it is common for them to speak a little tentatively – no one wants to accidentally lose years of brand recognition in the stroke of an art brush.

So often the conversation starts with something like this; “We want a fresh, modern look for our company but we want people to still recognise who we are when they see our new logo.”

Fair enough. So why rebrand?

Some logos are redesigned because they are dated or lack a professional edge. Some are redesigned because they are hard to reproduce across different media. And sometimes you will see a logo that is a product of someone with a talent for using Microsoft Word or Publisher, but are constrained by the software’s limitations, or perhaps their own design limitations!

You can tell at a glance whether a logo has been designed with a professional eye, and with forethought as to how and where the logo will be used. Brands that resonate don’t just sell products – they connect with the hearts, minds of customers, and create desirable actions.

As designers these brand makeovers (rebranding) present an exciting challenge: to reinvigorate the old while resisting the temptation to create something entirely new.

What are the motivations for our customers?

  • A professional image builds consumer confidence

  • Conversely, a less than professional brand can be a barrier to getting your foot in the door

  • A logo represents who you are as a company; your values

  • A brand should be something that your target market can identify with

Have a look at the full case study of our recent rebranding projects →