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For a lot of companies, their website is the sole driver of incoming leads. And because of this marketers are constantly working to increase the time visitors are spending on their website. With the use of analytic tools, it's reasonably straightforward to run a report on key metrics, all of which represent engagement. By measuring CTA clicks, page views and form submissions will help to show how well your website is performing overall. The more time visitors are spending on your site, the more likely they are to read your content, analyse your service offerings, and ultimately convert into a lead and become a sale.

Clear Value Proposition

Another important metric that most marketers look at each month is the bounce rate. The number one reason why visitors tend to bounce is that they don't connect with the site. It's about those first impressions. That feeling that your site can't provide what they are looking for.

To help with this, have a clear value proposition on your homepage. For first-time visitors landing on your site, it is crucial that they can tell exactly what it is you do and who it helps. This will go a long way in making sure your ideal customers don't leave your site straight away.

Include Multimedia

Adding multimedia to your homepage is a great way to help increase the amount of time your site visitors are spending on your site. Videos increase user engagement and can be a great way to showcase your solutions and products. A very modern and popular way of doing this is to add a full-width video to the homepage, it's engaging and has that wow factor straight off the bat.

Improve Your Website Loading Speed

Many visitors are going to bounce from a website when it takes to long to load. We live in an instant gratification world, and the web is no different. When visiting a site from an organic search, the visitor has nothing but choice. If a website has a poor loading speed, most visitors are going to bolt. Make sure that your site meets all the Google criteria that it's hosted locally, and all your plugins are up to date, check to see if there are more modern, faster plugin options available now as they can have a detrimental effect on your sites loading speed.

Clear Navigation and User Experience

Another good way to keep visitors on your for site longer is to have a clean and simple navigation system. In a lot of cases, navigation menus have too many links and drop-downs, which leads to a cluttered, more complicated look. Be sure to simplify things, making it clear which website pages you want your visitors to read. Something else to remember here is mobile responsiveness. Almost 50% of website traffic comes from mobile devices these days, and if your web design is not mobile friendly, you are going to see a significant increase in bounce rate.


Internal Site Links

You can prioritise key pages within your website by creating internal links within content. This is done on key website pages and blog posts, where you can provide the reader more information on a particular topic. Internal links can significantly increase page views and will encourage visitors to go deeper into the site. When creating these links, make sure to use compelling, keyword-rich text to show the topic of the next page but also provide SEO value.

Blog Subscription

A must have is a subscription form for your site visitors that want to receive your blogs via email, this will drive repeat traffic and further engagement over time. By publishing blogs on a weekly basis you'll reach your subscribers on a regular basis, and so be encouraging them to revisit your site. The more engaging your website is, the longer visitors will stay.

Engaging & Relevant Content

Making sure your content is relevant is a sure way keeping visitors on your site longer. When reading a blog and it becomes pretty apparent that the content hasn't been updated in a while, visitors are going to move on pretty quickly. It's important to keep your blogs frequent, relevant and current. Try to talk about new industry trends; all of which will show that your website is full of useful information.

Enticing Calls To Action

The ultimate goal of every website is to capture leads that you can convert into customers. By adding enticing CTAs to crucial website pages and blog posts, you're going to drive relevant traffic to your site that you can convert. Be sure to align the content with your buyer personas to be sure you're getting the highest click-through rate possible. CTA's will keep your visitors engaged and on the site longer, ultimately converting them into a lead.

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