Inbound Marketing

Designing a website that not only attracts visitors but converts sales can be tricky. Simply looking good is not enough. A good web design combines five key elements. Understanding and implementing these can mean the difference between success and failure.

To effectively draw visitors and convert more visitors to your website and convert sales you need to ensure each of these vital elements plays a part.

1. Simple design

Overwhelming visitors to your website with a hodge podge of graphics, content, video and anything else you can find, is not going to drive sales. You’re more likely to drive visitors away!

The key is keeping it simple, clean and focused. By emphasizing the information that your visitors are looking for, means you’re meeting their needs and establishing engagement. Visitors who engage with your website are more likely to convert to sales.

2. Quality content

Your content draws visitors to your website; well-written product descriptions and consistent blog posts that relate to your product or service will boost your authority and enhance your online presence.

3. Engaging elements

Avoid elements that detract from your image and brand. Simple, clean elements with a focus on your brand will appeal to visitors. Adding pictures and videos that connect with your viewers on a personal level will complement their experience.

4. Call to action

To effectively drive sales, your call to action needs to be obviously placed within your website. Display your call to action in a prominent position so that visitors are quickly led to your desired action.

5. Test

Testing checks that all aspects of your website are yielding the best results. Check colour, graphics and content to gain a better insight into your visitors’ behaviour.

If you’re uncertain how to implement these key elements in your own website design, talk to the web design specialists at Hart Design.

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