Inbound Marketing Social Media and Content

For many businesses social media provides a simple and social means of keeping in touch with existing and new customers. But it does have its drawbacks. Being online means your business is seen as being available 24/7 and that doesn’t stop just because the holidays are here. So how do you manage your Social Media during the Christmas shut-down period? Here are 3 things to consider, when planning ahead for the Christmas holidays:

Plan Ahead

Probably the most important part of managing your social media is planning ahead. Using Hootsuite is a great way to schedule posts over the holiday season. Once you know what it is you’ll be posting, it’s easy to set up and use.

Customer Assistance

Before you rush off on your Christmas break, ensure your customers are well aware of your opening days and times, as well as your contact details should they need to get hold of you over the holidays. Either post this information on your website or on your Facebook page, or send it out along with your Christmas Greeting e-card.

Remember Your Business Objectives

Your social media should always represent your brand, so make sure that your scheduled postings are reflective of this. Adding humour or a personal message is perfectly acceptable, provided it fits your business objectives.If you need help setting up and managing your social media over the holidays, get in touch with Hart Design. And if you’re not already hooked up to Social Media, have a read of our blog “Social Media: What’s Right for my Business?”And don’t forget to send out your Christmas eCards too. We can help get your Christmas email marketing out on time.