Inbound Marketing Social Media and Content

Keep it short and punchy – that’s all there is to it!!

Well actually that’s not quite all there is to it, the content needs to be interesting to those you are sending it to – usually customers are not interested in your new vehicle signage but they would definitely be interested in a sneak preview of a new product coming into your store that they can pre-purchase.

Design of Email marketing Campaigns

The layout of your email needs to be clean, clear and lead them to what you want them to do – is it go to your website for more information, complete a form to download a free ebook or simply read and enjoy then pass onto a friend?
And your emails need to conform to the Anti-Spam laws with qualified email addresses for permission based marketing.

Every email needs a purpose, needs to encourage the reader to take action and you need a way to measure that action. enables you to do just that.

We help you get the most amount of value from your email marketing by integrating it together with your website and social media sites. Here’s how we utilize email marketing to help our clients succeed:

Increase Website Traffic.

We’re big believers in using email marketing to increase traffic to your website because it gives you a great opportunity to get them to take additional action. It’s always better to have your clients on your website reading your content, than reading it in their email inbox.

Remain Top Of Mind.

This might sound silly, but after a recent email marketing campaign we sent for a for a real estate agent, she received replies say, “Oh, you’re still a realtor?” Consistent email marketing lets people know you’re still in business and increases your chances of gaining referrals.

Drive Sales.

Obviously, the best way to get a return on your email marketing investment is to promote a special offer or inform your client base of a new service you’re offering. You can probably think of other ways to use your newsletter and we’re happy to help you implement each month or however often you’d like to communicate with your customer base.

The Website Lead Generation Playbook