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Diamond Air install heat pumps and home ventilation systems for homeowners across the Bay of Plenty. They use one of our Digital Marketing plans as their main marketing tool.

The numbers show that 86% of leads generated from their enquiry form have come from a web search.

We also know that lifestyle is important for business owner Rory Dixon, and that he’s operating year-round at his targeted capacity. Rory is revelling in that golden work-life balance where he can choose to turn away less-than-ideal work if he so chooses.

So we can say with confidence that Digital Marketing is working for Diamond Air.


Let’s Take A Look At The Work We’re Doing

As a small business, Diamond Air is at the smaller end of our Digital Marketing scale yet we manage to pump out a meaningful body of work each month.

Our efforts that directly influence their Google rankings and ultimately their bottom line.


Over the past two years, organic traffic – that is, people coming via web searches, and excluding Google Ad clicks – makes up 68% of all traffic visiting

For Diamond Air, it’s a collaborative effort comprised of:

  • Regularly changing special offers
  • Offers are promoted on their website and Facebook page
  • Google Ad campaign
  • General website updates and maintenance
  • Regular blog posts that showcase the work that Diamond Air is doing


The SEO Juice Is In The Regular Content Updates

Take a look at Diamond Air’s Showcase page to see how a little bit of content goes a long way. Without doing this work, their rankings would not be so rosy. Truth.

Google loves regular, unique content. It helps Googlebot to understand what you’re about. The better you explain yourself, the better equipped Googlebot is to rank you higher.

It really is that simple.

For those looking for a deeper dive into this concept, check out our recent post that explores the impact of content on SEO.

Minimal Input, Maximum Output

With Diamond Air’s smaller Digital Marketing plan, we’re reliant on Rory to provide us with a few details each month. Their input is minimal but critical. Rory will tell us:

  • Which heat pump units are to be promoted and for how much
  • A very short brief and a few snaps of heat pump installations or repairs they’ve carried out recently

With this our team will:

  • Generate visuals to be used on the website and in social media
  • Take Rory’s notes and rewrite them into keyword rich articles to be loaded as search engine optimised Showcase articles

We also:

  • Maintain a small Google Ads campaign
  • Provide a sounding board for general SEO and marketing ideas
  • Action any other website updates as required
  • Have provided graphic design and print services to promote their Home Ventilation offering


A Little Goes A Long Way

The takeaway from this Digital Marketing story is that a little action goes a long way. Doing something is certainly better than doing nothing.

The secret in the sauce is that the action happens regularly, and keeps on happening. We do a little bit each month, and it adds up to online marketing success.

By maintaining this regular and recurring digital marketing programme, Diamond Air has seen their website traffic for June 2018 almost double that of the same month in the previous year. The increase in traffic across the past 12 months is also hovering around the +80% mark.

We know that to do nothing is to gain nothing. So be like Diamond Air and start your Digital Marketing journey small. Our service can grow as you do. Are you ready to get started?



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