SEO Adwords

How much do you know about Google AdWords? Do you know that Google AdWords is a highly effective advertising tool that can hugely enhance your company’s online presence?

If this sounds like something you should be doing, but you’re not sure how to get started, read on. The team at Hart Design will set up your Google AdWords campaign, create a Google Ad linking to a landing page, measure and monitor your campaign, and provide valuable insight into any changes that need to be made.

To simplify things for you, here is our step-by-step guide to getting started on your Google AdWords campaign:

Setting up your ad group and campaign

The starting point in setting up an effective Google AdWords campaign lies in identifying your keywords and the search phrases you will be bidding on. Using Google’sKeyword Tool, which lists common search phrases and keywords and also provides the approximate cost of bidding on those keywords, the team at Hart Designwill identify keywords and search phrases relevant to your product or service.

Keywords and search phrases are grouped together in an “ad group“. We can set up several ad groups with different keywords to advertise your range of products or services. Ad groups are grouped together and organised into campaigns.

For example: say you want to advertise your line of shoes. You create an ad group for “running shoes”, an ad group for “trail shoes”, and an ad group for “work shoes”. Each ad group will include a list of keywords relevant to that particular type of shoe. What that means is that any time one of the keywords or search phrases you are bidding on is typed into a search engine, your ad could appear in one of Google’s advertising spots. All ad groups are grouped together into a campaign, which in this example would be called “shoes”.

Setting your budget

PPC or pay per click is exactly that; every time someone clicks on your ad, Google charges you. But you can manage exactly how much you want to spend on advertising by setting a daily limit for your ad group. In other words you decide how much Google can spend on your ad per day and Google won’t exceed that amount.

You can also request that your budget be spread out throughout the day to avoid blowing your budget in a few hours. The amount you spend per day will determine how often and where your ad will be placed on Google’s search pages compared to other advertisers offering similar products or services.

The beauty of Google’s daily budget limit is that you can start small and increase your budget when you can afford to. This allows you to monitor and measure the effectiveness of your campaign and make necessary changes before committing to a hefty advertising fee.

Creating a Google Ad and Landing Page

Once we’ve set up your ad groups with a list of keywords and search phrases, and set a budget for each ad group, our team of web designers will create a Google ad and a landing page that links back to your Google ad.

Your Google ad and landing page are written using the keywords you are bidding on in order to optimise your search ranking. We generally include a sign-up form on your landing page with a special offer enticing visitors to leave their details. This is the start of your sales process.

Remember, a Google AdWords campaign goes hand-in-hand with any other advertising you are already doing. If you’d like to set up a Google AdWords campaign but need help getting started, talk to the team at Hart Design.

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