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You’ve read many SEO blogs telling you that “content is king”. It’s a well-worn cliché because it’s true. Rather than rehash old content, in this post, we’ll delve into a real-world example that shows how we took a website from nowhere to number 1.

We'll demonstrate how content affects SEO.  Hopefully by the end, why content is king will be perfectly clear.

Content: The SEO Strategy That Defies The Laws Of Physics

SEO is an ongoing effort. For anyone who’s hoping they can “set and forget” their website and set the SEO world on fire, this may shatter your illusions.

While it's absolutely important to get your on-page SEO fundamentals right, it doesn’t end there. For real SEO cut-through, you need to generate regular posts that support your core products and services in order to give weight to your most important subject matter.

To explain that “laws of physics” reference: it’s this weight that helps raise your website to the top of search engine rankings.

Your SEO House

Let’s imagine that SEO is like building a house. Picture this:

  • Your website provides the foundation of your SEO house
  • Your Product and Service pages are the pillars – the main structures that tell the world what you’re about
  • Then you have your blog posts. This is the fine-grain detail that connect to and strengthen your pillars
  • The roof represents your customers. But that’s a story for another post!

Internet marketing giant Hubspot has termed this strategy “pillar and post”.

Posts could be:

  • A spotlight on a particular feature of your product
  • A deep-dive into one core benefit of your service
  • A case study that shows your product and service in action for a client

Like building a house, building your SEO with content does take time. But it works.


The Real World SEO Example

We promised to demonstrate how it works in the real world. Enter Carr Group: a New Zealand company playing and winning in the global market. Carr Group has forged a strong reputation for their wholesale supply of market-leading products and materials across a range of industry sectors.

Carr Group first approached Hart Design to reinvigorate their brand and their website.

The website provides a strong SEO foundation. It features sound pillar pages that present their products to the market. These pages have had our standard SEO treatment applied.

And with that foundation established, our attention has turned to those fine-grained posts.


Talk About It

If you don’t talk about it, how does anyone know you do it? That’s human visitors and googlebot we’re talking about.

Among many other things, Carr Group supply premium print media consumables to Australasian digital printers. One of their offerings is a PVC mesh product that is used for digitally printed advertising around construction site fencing and scaffolding.

While the website did showcase their PVC Mesh product, nowhere did it mention that the product is available in a fire resistant option. This is an important feature that has come under the spotlight recently following a number of construction site fires in Sydney’s CBD.

And because they didn’t mention it, unsurprisingly they didn’t rank anywhere for searches related to “fire retardant pvc mesh”.

For Carr Group this was a perfect test case to see how content could affect their SEO.

For Hart Design, it was a perfect test case where we could showcase our talent for SEO content writing.


“We’re salespeople, not marketers,” they said

No problem, that’s where we step in. Carr Group supplied us with a brief press release that their sales guys had written. It mentioned that PVC mesh had been in the spotlight recently with regards to its fire retardancy, and detailed their solution to the problem.

This 200-word press release and a quick chat with Tim from Carr Group is all we needed. From there we were able to whip this up into a unique 900-word, keyword-rich post all about the subject.

From Nowhere to No. 1

We’ve been able to prove the point: a solid foundation alone – i.e. the “set it and forget it” method – is not enough.

The proof is in the numbers. Following the launch of this new post, you can now find on page one of Google search results for all targeted keywords for this subject.

More excitingly, the pillar page has also shot up the page rankings for the broader term of “print media wholesale”. You’ll now find their website ranked number 1 on page 1 for this search phrase. Prior to this post going live, the pillar page was languishing on page 4 for the same keyword.

More Weight

The task now is to continue the momentum.

We’ve plugged an SEO hole with this one exposè of Carr Print Media’s fire retardant properties. The exciting thing is that there are so many more product features, benefits to promote and client success stories to talk about.

Have you got your SEO house in order? We can help with that.