For your website design to be truly effective as a business tool, a number of elements come into play. Remembering your end goal is to be visually engaging effective web design and genuinely useful to your visitors, ask yourself these five questions when considering the design of your website.

1. How user-friendly is it?

Just how easy is it for your visitors to understand your website? Make sure your navigation is clear and easy to locate, write a blog from your customers’ point of view and avoid technical jargon. These will go a long way to ensuring your website is user-friendly to your visitor.

2. How visually appealing is it?

Websites rely on visuals to attract visitors and convey a message. Using the right photographs for your website is an important consideration. As well as establishing your brand, visuals have the ability to make your site instantly recognizable.

3. How clear is it?

Whatever your goal, your website should convey information and convert new customers. That means your message has to be clear and consistent throughout your website. Pay particular attention to your content. Not only is grammar and spelling important, but your actual message should be relevant to your business.

4. Does it build trust?

How do you go about instilling trust in your visitors through your website? Simply put, everything needs to do what it should. That means checking all links work as they should, not sharing your user information with third parties, and making it clear what is an advertisement on your website and what is not.

5. Is it Search Engine Optimised?

Publishing original content on a consistent basis will help drive SEO. A business blog may be the answer; it’s an opportunity to showcase the personality behind your company. Your web designer will ensure your website uses the right HTML tags and you could consider Google Authorship to establish authority in your industry. All of these help push your website up in search engine rankings.

The best web designs are a cohesive mixture of all five of these essential elements. Talk to us today if you think your website design could benefit from a refresh.

The Website Lead Generation Playbook