Inbound Marketing

A website is a talented and effective virtual sales representative for any business. A good-looking website may help you to build a strong brand and tell about your services or products, but that isn’t enough to sell them. You need to involve the element of selling strategy and plan out your approach to inbound marketing and social media strategy.

We don’t just sell you a website, we sell you a business tool to generate new leads. We get your phone to ring, expose your brand to a larger audience, deliver email marketing campaigns and sales presentations. On top of that, you still get a beautiful, responsive, open-source website which you can control and update yourself. A website for any business is an opportunity to have an effective virtual sales representative without actually hiring one.

How do our clients benefit from successful website redesign?

Wardrobe World weren’t happy with the number of leads they have been generating with their site, it had only brief information about their company and didn’t showcase products. We had an opportunity to design a new mobile-friendly website for their business. We developed and implemented the look and feel that has helped them engage and delight prospects, boost lead generation, and support overall inbound marketing tactics.


wardrobe-world-redesign-results.png “Our website is working great! Thanks. We get more enquiries coming via it than the old site we used to have!”

– Matt Sheehy, owner of Wardrobe World.

As a webdesign and development company, and we know that in order to generate new leads and be successful on the Internet, you need to focus on marketing your website. We make your customers fall in love with your business and services.

How do web design and the right marketing strategy plan support your sales?

Google and other search engines give more authority and higher rankings to the websites with useful, informative and frequently updated content. If you’re working with us you don’t need to worry about your website content. We help you put together valuable, high-quality copy that pertains to your industry, source the images that sell your products, research and analyse the SEO strategy and keywords you need to target. The websites we build have a great authority potential in Google’s rankings.

Hart Design can develop an effective online marketing plan to help boost sales, redesign your website to sell and convert the website traffic into sales prospects. Every day we come to work with a sincere dedication to helping our clients to achieve their business goals.

The Website Lead Generation Playbook