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Get Mobile Friendly For Less. Starting from just $850, we can make your website mobile friendly*

If you’re wondering just how important a mobile friendly website is to your business, consider the following:

  • In New Zealand alone smartphone penetration reached 44% last year; that’s close to half of all New Zealanders owning and operating a smartphone.

  • That figure is set to rise and has already done so this year.

  • Of those smartphone users, it’s estimated each one spends about 2 hours a day on their phone, but they spend about 45% less time on a website when using a mobile device.

What that means for you? Firstly, you can’t ignore the importance of a mobile friendly website, and secondly the information you present on your website needs to be concise and instantly available to your customer. Not convinced yet? Frost & Sullivan, the Growth Partnership Company, predict that by 2018, New Zealand will have 90% Smartphone and 78% tablet ownership levels. Just how ready is your website?

Take a look at this case study; Hart Design recently changed a website over to a mobile friendly version for a client. Just 10 days after the rebuild and already we’ve noticed some pretty drastic improvements in web traffic. Comparing the first 10 days of October with the first 10 days of July, we noticed the following:

Mobile phone: 30% increase
Tablet (ipad etc): 43% increase
Overall traffic: % of mobile device visitors has increased from 27% to 40%

That’s a lot of extra business now being re-directed to this customer’s website, supporting the idea that, when users are searching from a mobile or tablet, Google prioritises mobile friendly websites over non-mobile friendly websites in search results. With the changes we’ve made to this client’s website, we’ve already widened their overall audience and provided more opportunities to close sales.

Contact Hart Design if you think it’s time you switched over to a mobile friendly website.

*Conditions apply, use code MFW10

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