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We’ve talked quite a bit over the last few months about the importance of mobile friendly web design, in particular when it comes to Google’s search function.

Take a look at this recent change that Google has made to its search function; it could potentially impact your website’s ranking.

If you’ve ever searched for a website using a mobile device, only to open it up and find the text is too small, you need to pinch and scroll to view all of the content, and the images are too large for the screen, you’ll understand how frustrating that can be. That’s what it’s like viewing a website that is not mobile friendly and isn’t optimised for mobile devices.

So Google has added a “mobile-friendly” label to websites that are mobile friendly, making it a whole lot easier for searchers to find websites that can be viewed on a mobile device. According to Google, this is just the first step towards creating a better user experience for mobile web searchers.

What does mobile friendly mean for you?

If your website is already mobile friendly, it will be tagged as such and most mobile web searchers will favour your website over a website that is not optimised for mobile devices. You should see some increase in your mobile traffic.

If your website design is not already mobile friendly, what are you waiting for? With the increase in mobile traffic set to continue its rise, there’s no time to waste.

Get in touch with us to find out about changing your website to a mobile friendly version. Check out these details of our Mobile Friendly Web Design offer.

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