Inbound Marketing

So you’ve had a website audit and identified several areas that need improvement. Whether it’s a whole new website or just a refresh, where do you go from here? How do you create a website that reflects the latest technology, includes engaging content and eye-catching design? More importantly, how do you create a website that stands out from all of the others?

The web design specialists at Hart Design will guide you through the entire process. But to simplify it for you, here are our 5 steps to designing a website that stands out from all the others.

1. Plan ahead

Approach the design of your website carefully, bearing in mind your product or service offerings, your brand identity, your business model and your marketing strategies. Draw a basic framework, incorporating each of these elements into the design.

2. Personalise it

Forget overused stock photos. Showcase your company with professional photos that reflect your vision and brand. Use videos to add a personal perspective. And individualize your site to create a unique user experience.

3. Do it professionally

If you want the job done properly, hire a professional. As a reflection of your business and brand, your website is your shop window and often the first point of contact for many prospective customers. So unless you an experienced web designer and an accomplished copywriter, leave it to the web design specialists.

4. Engage with your target audience

Just because you love your website and all your friends and family love your website, doesn’t mean your target audience will. When you’re designing your website, keep your target audience in mind, and tailor all elements to appeal to them.

5. Research and feedback

Once you’ve engaged with your target audience, it’s important to find out from them which elements work and which need improvement. Use surveys, post polls and ask questions to identify areas that need work. Use the responses to customise your website.

Talk to the web design team at Hart Design about designing a website that stands out from all of the others.

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