Inbound Marketing

When it comes to transforming old wrought iron products into something unique and wonderful, Ian, managing director of Wrought Iron Specialists Ltd is an accomplished professional.

However when he wanted to transform his old website he felt completely outside of is comfort zone. Ian wanted to increase his company’s professional profile with a revamped website that would showcase his work, as well as inspire the minds of his target audience.

That is where our dynamic team of web specialists at Hart Design really got their chance to shine. We accepted the challenge to present hi company’s ideas and services  through creative web design in a clear, design-savvy way.

How we approached this website redesign

Having already heard good things about our services from an old friend, it didn’t take much convincing to get Ian signed up and we headed into the project absolutely buzzing with a host of new ideas for the site.

Images speak a thousand words and this is particularly true with the visually stunning medium of wrought iron, and even more so with Ian’s handiwork. Our priority was to tell Ian’s story in pictures.

Aesthetics aside, our design must be user-friendly for clients working from a smart phone or tablet device. The end result is precisely what we’re looking for; the new site is completely mobile optimised – it adjusts perfectly to a smaller-sized screen, while allowing for the all-important imagery to shout just as loudly on your phone as it does on your PC! 



The web development process

Digital marketing can be a long game, which is why we try and turn our web projects around as quickly as possible so that our client can start reaching out to their target audience and begin making a return on investment.
In Ian’s case, we had our work cut out for us with a complete website overhaul required. This included everything from the layout to the design and fonts used. We also had to play around with the content a little to fit within our new template, and to ensure all the most important information would be the first thing to catch the eye of the audience.

Being able to showcase his artistic talent to potential clients is another thing Ian was looking to achieve with his new website, and we have certainly played our part in making that happen by creating an easy to navigate photo gallery divided into specific sections (i.e. handrails, doors and windows, ornaments), to allow clients to see the images they want without having to scroll through every photo.


Creative design leads to new beginnings 

With a slick new website design live and underway, the future is looking bright for Wrought Iron Specialists Ltd and while it’s too early to decipher the exact impact the website has made, business has been coming in thick and fast leading up to the Christmas season.On working with us here at Hart Design, Ian has only kind words to say about the quality of our work, admiring most of all our efficiency and strong creative input.
"The team at Hart Design are great at what they do. They managed to have the new website completed within a time frame of two to three weeks and were always eager to listen to my own creative input. I will certainly be recommending their services in the future".

– Ian, Wrought Iron 

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