Inbound Marketing

A great presentation can help you win pitches and influence people. If you’re pitching to a new client or showcasing your products to the potential business partners, slick, well-designed presentations are always crucial in representing complex information, ideas and concepts to general audiences in a simplified manner.

One of our clients – Solpack led by Shawn Cross, a managing director, landed a contract with a big company using our compelling sales presentations. Hart Design helped them to keep their sales pitch attractive, professional, and under budget, creating straightforward, visually-minded online and offline presentation materials. The secret of how to create an engaging presentation and immediately capture your audience’s attention requires a combination of different marketing and graphic design skills.

Hart Design is here to create a presentation that will blow them away… 

The days of old-fashioned DIY PowerPoint presentations are gone. When designed well, written professionally, an online presentation website will show your competency in the mind of your audience. This can be particularly  important when you want to personalise your presentation to a certain company. The most successful pitchers are the ones who can make an awesome first impression of their company, products and services. An online presentation tailored to who is in front of you reaches your clients immediately and before they know it they value your company and your product. Our online presentation websites make you appear a person of value, bring a knowledge base and confidence to each and every pitch.

Your online presentation can be as effective as landing pages and improve your main website SEO. It’s visible to search engines so you can boost a great amount of traffic to your main website. Online presentation is hosted at your website so it can be easily shared around the potential customer’s office, or around the world. Our online presentations look perfect on any mobile device and are just as engaging as they are on large screens.

Double the effectiveness of your online presentation

To double the effectiveness of Solpack presentations we designed the printed version of it which means they can leave something tangible behind to stay on the potential customer’s desk. Again the presentation brochure was personalised for greater impact and connection with the audience. An effective brochure reinforced the points they made in the online presentation and caused their clients to have further interest in their products and finally to sign off a contract.



With a brochure you can engage your audience using information that is captivating, you can explain more in the online version of your presentation or have a link to your main website design.

Planning and delivering a sales presentation can be a complicated and daunting process. Hart Design can help you choose an effective strategy, identify the purpose and goal of the presentation and represent your product in the best way possible. We help companies get their message across telling their story through professional and high-quality designs.

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