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Digital marketing has taken the place of traditional marketing.

Gone are the days of building brand awareness through your own marketing efforts. Today’s tech-savvy consumer is constantly bombarded with an ever-growing source of news, entertainment, online shopping and social media. They’re exposed not only to what your business says about its brand, but what the media, people you know and business peers are saying as well. Digital marketing is all about using channels and methods to enable your organisation to analyse marketing campaigns in real-time to understand what works and what doesn’t.

Here are our 8 steps to effective Digital Marketing:

1. Plan it people

Aligning your digital marketing communications plan with your goals, marketing and brand strategy, will deliver results. Knowing what worked in the past and what your plans for the future are, means you’re able to offer the best customer experience.

2. Know your buyer

Critical to the success of digital marketing is understanding the needs of your audience. You could even say you need to get under the skin of your target audience. What are their motivations or aspirations? Identify who and what your audience is and then communicate their needs efficiently and effectively.

3. Content is king

Make content development part of your marketing strategy; invest in your digital marketing communications with high quality, relevant content. Use videos and blogs to reach your audience. Stand out from the crowd and you’ll have the advantage over your competition.

4. Keep it focused

Focus your message and keep it relevant. Blog regularly and link your blog posts to Facebook, Twitter and other social media. But avoid bombarding your audience with multiple posts.

5. Integrated marketing

Your digital marketing plan should integrate into your wider marketing plan. Using a holistic approach, combine integrated marketing strategies to drive visitors to your website and convert those visitors into leads.

6. Working with a digital marketing agency

Consider partnering with a creative agency. Skilled at interpreting messages for different audiences, find an agency that best fits your budget, willing to understand your business and culture, and identify with your vision.

7. Test and change

Test, test and test. Test your direct mail, email campaigns and pay per click campaigns. And then learn from the results and adapt accordingly.

8. Monitor and measure

With real-time metrics for email, online and social platforms, you’re able to access this instant and powerful data regularly, ensuring you consistently deliver maximum business results. Google analytics is an excellent measuring tool, monitoring your website activity and identifying exactly where your traffic is coming from.

If you’re not already using Digital Marketing to get ahead, talk to Hart Design today.

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