Inbound Marketing

When it comes to websites, a solid, well-thought out foundation is essential to building something remarkable, and ultimately generating leads and sales. Here are our 7 marketing tips to boosting sales through your website.

1. Build your blog

As one of the most important lead generating elements of your website design, your blog is an essential marketing tool. But rather than using your blog to self-promote and push sales, it should provide a useful and helpful means of sharing information; effectively answering questions that visitors to your site may have. If your blog content is great, it has the potential to turn new visitors to your website into sales leads.

2. SEO

First and foremost, ensure your web content is easy for Google to find, achieved by writing human friendly content that is easy to read and relevant. Use key words and phrases appropriately and avoid key-word stuffing. Help search engines understand your website by using meta tags on all your web pages, and establish authority in your industry by building links, essentially seen as a vote of trust by search engines.

3. Marketing automation software

Using marketing automation software technology allows companies to streamline, automate and measure marketing tasks and workflows, effectively increasing operational efficiency and growing revenue faster. Through the use of marketing automation software, you’re able to control the sales process from a prospect visiting your website all the way through to them buying your product or service. A more hands-on approach, marketing automation software allows you to nurture your prospects into customers through email marketing, SEO and social media.

4. Easy to navigate

It’s all very well having great content on your website, but just how easy is it to find? Most visitors to a website have a very low tolerance when it comes to searching for the information they require. So make sure your menus link to the most important pages on your website, giving them front and centre space so they’re easy to see, and name your menus correctly using good descriptive names, avoiding industry jargon.

5. Human-friendly content

It’s all down to content and it’s vital that content is written for the user and not a search engine. So avoid large blocks of text full of jargon, talk about the benefits of your product or service, rather than its features, and write in a simple and easy to understand way. Don’t assume that all visitors to your site will understand. Focus on being concise, use bullet points to highlight the important information, and include a call to action.

6. Mobile friendly website

With over 50% of local searches performed on a mobile device, it’s imperative that your content can be easily viewed no matter what device it’s viewed on.

7. Easy to share content

Make your content easy to share by adding social media buttons to your website design and blog posts. This is an excellent way of reaching new customers and increasing leads. Ensure your content is easily shareable and encourage your visitors to share your content through social media posts on Facebook and Twitter.

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The Website Lead Generation Playbook