Inbound Marketing

Is it time to get a new website design? Take a look at our check-list and then you decide.

1. Your Online Image is Stale

If your website looks like it’s stuck in another era, it probably is. It’s time to freshen up your online image with a sharp, new website. And then start showing off what it is you do.

2. Your Content and Images are Outdated

To keep ahead of the game, you need to be updating your content and imagery regularly. Search engines love new content and so do your customers.

3. You’re Not Getting Enough Traffic

If you’ve had a look at your Google Analytics recently, you may have noticed a drop in your website traffic. An attention-grabbing new website will boost your website traffic and help grow your customer base.

4. Your Website Isn’t Mobile Friendly

This one should be at the top of the list really. If your website isn’t already mobile friendly, you’re pretty much missing out on a whole generation of smartphone users. And it’s only going to get worse as mobile web usage continues to skyrocket!

5. Your Competition Looks Better Than You Do

Take a look at your competitors’ websites and compare yours with theirs. Not good? At best you need to keep up with your competition. Even better, get ahead of them. A new website will make the difference.

6. Your Search Engine Ranking is Dropping

It’s easy to get left behind and it’s a slippery slope downhill. As Google is constantly changing the goal posts, your website needs to meet new standards or your search engine ranking will continue to plummet.

Trade in your old website for a new website design with Hart Design. We’ll custom design a mobile friendly, search engine optimised website with a fresh look, AND we’ll throw in a year’s FREE web hosting to sweeten the deal.

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