Essentially the future of marketing, digital marketing is a faster, more practical and versatile means of connecting with your customers. No longer just a “nice to have” tool, your digital marketing strategy is now an indispensable element of your marketing plan. But the fact is, 99% of small businesses fail at digital marketing. So how can you be a part of the 1% that don’t? Here are our 6 tips to successful digital marketing, that can be done on little or no budget.

1. Blogging drives traffic

As the main source of fuel driving your sales engine, your blog content has the potential to fill the top of your sales funnel with leads. By creating helpful content that answers your prospects questions, driving traffic to your website through each new blog post, you have the opportunity to convert that traffic into sales leads. By simply blogging a minimum of twice a week, it follows that your leads will improve.

The added benefit to blogging is that Google loves an active website. So every new blog is one more indexed page on your website and one more opportunity for your site to show up in search engine results.

2. Tell it like it is – through video

If you think of your business as a media company, consider what medium works best at getting your content delivered to your customer. In the following instances a video is the ideal way to get your message across quickly – it’s also easier to inject emotion into a video and add a little personality.

  •   Testimonials
  •   Case studies
  •   How to videos
  •   Demonstrations
  •   Explainer videos
  •   Introductions to your team

3. Segment your audience

The key to your success is identifying your different customers. Whether you segment by location, industry, type, job role or age, tailor your content to each group with a personalised message focusing on their challenges and goals.

4. Engage in social media

Ignore social media at your peril! Instead, learn about your customer’s social network habits and connect with them through these networks. Be customer focused and engage them on a personal level, a powerful way to generate leads and keep happy customers. Every time you write a blog post, share it via social media and encourage sharing of your content by adding social media buttons to your website.

5. Delight your customers

At the end of the day, it’s all about service delivery, so offer exceptional customer service at all times. Use social media as a tool to communicate with your customers and go that extra mile to help them. Remember to be different, stand out and be helpful.

6. Keep testing

Listen to what your customers are telling you and make changes accordingly – after all they are the ones using your website. Test your site regularly and use the data analysed from usage to make improvements. Keep on top of what’s working in your social media and online marketing efforts, and make the necessary adjustments in order to get better results.