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Despite what you may think, email marketing is alive and well. For small businesses it’s a vital part of your marketing strategy and has the potential to grow your business through a relatively simple process. Direct email marketing is all about generating more conversions, sales and brand awareness. And the best part is, it’s affordable and easy to create.

So, how much thought have you given to your email marketing campaign? If you think email marketing is old-fashioned and a waste of time, here are 5 reasons we think email marketing is an effective tool for your small business.


It’s probably the most economical component of your marketing strategy. As a low cost online marketing tool, it also offers a great return for businesses.


Just like writing an email, an email marketing campaign is really easy to put together. Which means that email marketing doesn’t take up a lot of time or resources.


You choose who gets your email marketing and who doesn’t. This allows you to customise your offer and target the group of customers who want to hear from you. On top of this, regular email marketing helps build loyalty and trust in your brand.


Email marketing is easily tracked. By tracking bounce rate, delivery rate, open rate, click through rate and unsubscribe rate, you’re able to gauge just how effective your email campaign is and make adjustments and improvements if necessary.


Just like web browsing, emails have gone mobile too. As more and more users access their email via a mobile device your email campaign can be seen at any time, anywhere.

For these and other email marketing tips, talk to the team at Hart Design and let us help you plan your next email marketing campaign.

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