Inbound Marketing

Say good-bye to the old marketing tactics like direct mail, radio and TV ads; they simply don’t work anymore. Weekly email campaigns are not nearly as effective. In fact the only thing improving in those, is the opt-out rate. Something has to change, and soon.

Here are the 4 critical things you’ll miss out on, if you ignore Inbound Marketing.

1. Lots of lovely leads

As traditional marketing shifts, marketers need to rethink their communication methods. Start by shifting the focus away from traditional marketing methods, and concentrate instead on inbound tactics like SEO (search engine optimization), social media promotion and content creation. These inbound marketing tactics will help attract visitors actively looking for information to your site. Adding inbound marketing to the equation can actually help bump up your lead generation activities.

Companies that understand the power of content and move quickly when it comes to Inbound Marketing, gain an elevated position over their competitors.

2. Improved lead quality

If you’re wondering just how important the quality of leads is versus quantity of leads, consider this scenario. Traditional marketing tactics rely on interrupting our day; TV and radio ads interrupt our favourite programmes, cold callers interrupt our dinner times. On the other hand, Inbound Marketing is all about attraction; visitors to your website are already actively looking for a solution to their problem. Inbound marketing leads cost less to generate and sales resulting from these leads are easier to close; after all prospects are already coming to you for a solution to their problem.

By creating excellent content you develop marketing assets like eBooks, customer testimonials and ‘how-to’ videos, all used to inform and educate your prospects and attract them to your business.

3. A shorter sales cycle

As products become more complex, the sales cycle times increase proportionately, making for a laborious sales process. A well-honed inbound marketing department, however, creating content that allows customers to self educate themselves, easily reverses this trend.

Engaging with your website visitors about product features, benefits and pricing through online content, drastically improves the quality of conversation during the sales process, and greatly reduces the sales cycle time.

This is largely because the educational content efficiently moves prospects through the sales funnel; from the top of the funnel with eBooks, to the middle of the funnel with comparison guides, to the bottom of the funnel with customer success stories.

Publishing content that will help educate your prospects and move them through the sales funnel is key.

4. Decrease your cost per lead

In the words of Guy Kawasaki: “If you have more money than brains you should focus on outbound marketing. If you have more brains than money, you should focus on inbound marketing”.

Fact: Implementing Inbound Marketingtactics will drastically decrease your cost per lead. Writing content costs significantly less than paying for a direct mail campaign for example. Today’s marketers need to become educators, instead of promoters. Start by blogging three times a week; create informative and interesting content, write industry stories. Publish eBooks, maintain a social media presence and produce videos; as a result, your search engine visibility and subsequently your lead generation will improve.

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